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Mercedes Benz Transmission Service 722.6 722.9

Posted: Friday June 01

Mercedes Benz Transmission Service 722.6 722.9
Transmission Service - Fluid drain and refill (new fluid new filter new pan gasket new aluminum bolts new over flow pipe (722.9 only) new drain plug washer new pilot bushing (722.6 only) new red lock pin for your filler tube cap (722.6 only). Fluid level will be accurate using Mercedes-Benz method of allowing excess fluid to drip at a fluid temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit (722.9 only). 722.6 will be filled and measured through the transmission filler pipe. I have all required parts and Mercedes-Benz Spec transmission fluid in stock for both the 722.6 and 722.9 transmissions. $115 parts cost for 722.9 drain and refill oil pan (about 5 liters). $125 parts cost for 722.6 drain and refill the transmission oil pan (about 5 liters). $175 parts cost for draining and refilling the oil pan plus the torque converter (about 9.5 liters). If you have a torque converter with a drain plug I will drain the torque converter too. Only Mercedes vehicles year 1999 and older will have a torque converter drain plug. Labor: $180 Time: About 3 hours Recommended Service Interval - Every 40k miles I will perform the work at my home in Whittier. You re welcome to sit on a bench on my porch or watch me service your vehicle. I m not far from uptown Whittier (about a mile away). There are many coffee shops/eateries in this area. Or I can come to your home if you have a garage/drive way where I can perform the work. I d rather not work on the street. There will be an added fee (depending on the distance) for travelling to your home for the repair. I ve owned Mercedes Benz vehicles for 15 years. I m a Mercedes Benz enthusiast and enjoy working on Mercedes Benz vehicles. I have over ten years experience working as a mechanic. I follow the manufacturer s installation instructions to the tee. I m very meticulous when it comes to working on vehicles. Every bolt I remove will be torqued back on to Mercedes-Benz factory specifications. I stand behind my work if anything ever goes wrong because of my workmanship I will fix it free of charge. These prices are based on the W211 (E Class) chassis. There maybe changes in pricing for other chassis. Some less some more. Please message/text/call me for pricing on your specific model. If I don t answer the phone please send me a text message or leave a message. I m probably just busy working on a Mercedes Benz. Airmatic Suspension Repair Need new front or rear Air Struts for your Mercedes Airmatic suspension (option code 489)? I can replace either the front or the rear at a very reasonable price. The air struts on airmatic suspensions can begin to leak. Usually this occurs around 50k-100k miles. This leaves your Mercedes sitting too low to drive. Sometimes it s just the air line connections that go to each air strut/air bag (very inexpensive fix) or the air line valve body (distributes air from the air compressor - about $200). Or it can be the air compressor itself (about $500). Whatever the cause I will properly diagnose the problem and replace only what needs to be replaced. This way you won t spend money on guessing which parts are causing the problem. The Mercedes-Benz dealership will charge you $1000 per strut; that doesn t include the cost of labor. Ouch! I can replace the front air strut at a price of $150 in labor costs. I can replace each rear Air Spring at a price of $175 in labor costs. Plus the cost of the air strut. I recommend buying Arnott Air Struts. That s what I have in my W211 E500 and it s worked out excellently. Arnott Rear Air Springs for the W211 Chassis costs about $300 each online (2 required). Arnott Front Air Struts for the W211 Chassis costs about $400 each online (2 required). Each strut/spring will take about two hours to replace. Front End Suspension Is your Mercedes not riding as well as it used to? Do you here clunking noises or squeaking from the front end when going over bumps in the road or going up drive ways? Does your car pull to the right or left? Is you steering wheel off center? Are you tires wearing unevenly? Most likely your front lower control arms lower ball joint sway bar bushings or sway bar links are responsible for all of these scenarios. I can replace complete front end or rear suspension components at very reasonable rates using high quality aftermarket OEM parts. Of course you re welcome to bring your own parts but I don t recommend using the least expensive parts you can find. I recommend Lemforder parts. A German original equipment manufacturer for Mercedes Benz. It s what I use in my own W211. I have a high level of confidence in these parts. Lemforder Front Lower Control Thrust Arms $100 cost for each arm (Sets Caster) Labor: $50 each arm Time: About 45 minutes each arm (there are two arms per vehicle) Lemforder Front Lower Control Arm (Spring Control Arm) $100 for each arm (Sets Camber) Labor: $80 labor each arm Time: About 80 minutes each arm (there are two arms per vehicle) Inner and Outer Tie Rods $60 each Side (Sets Toe) Labor: $75 each side Time: About 75 minutes each side (front end alignment required after this service) Front Anti roll Bar (sway bar) Links $25 each link Labor: $50 each link Time: About 50 minutes each side (two sides total) Mercedes Benz Front Sway Bar $170 for the bar Labor: $240 Time: About 4 hours Lemforder Lower Ball Joint $25 each ball joint Labor: $75 each side (two sides) Time: About 75 minutes each side Lemforder Front Upper Control Arm $125 per side Labor: $50 per side (two sides) Time: About 1 hour per side Lemforder Upper Ball Joint $35 per side Labor: $30 labor per side (two sides) Time: About 30 minutes per side Routine Maintenance: Deep Clean Super Tune up: Oil Change Air Filters Spark Plugs Remove and Clean Throttle Body Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Clean EGR Tube V8 16 Spark Plugs $275 parts cost. $200 Labor V6 12 Spark Plugs $200 parts cost. $180 Labor Time: About 3 hours Coolant Flush Refill and Bleed (3-4 refills and drains - or until water runs clear) $25 Coolant cost Labor: $60 Time: About 1 hour Power Steering Fluid Flush (Pentosin CHF 11s MBZ OEM Fluid) $30 fluid cost Labor: $50 Time: About 45 minutes Front Brake Pads New Brake Pad Wear Sensors $55 pads (ceramic low dust) Or bring your own pads. $60 labor for both front sides. $85 labor for both rear sides. About 1 hour front. About 90 minutes rear. Brake Fluid Flush and Bleed $35 fluid cost plus $60 labor About 1 hour. Oil Change New Filter Mobil 1 OW-40 Full Synthetic V8 $85 V6 $70 About 30 minutes. Restore headlights from foggy (due to UV damage and scratches) to nearly brand new! Both sides $150 About 90 minutes. Common Malfunction Messages: Dignostic Trouble Code P2004 Diagnosis of tumble flap Intake manifold : Short circuit to ground of sensor lines / Tumble flap shafts stick in the actuated position. (P2004) Related codes: P2005 P2006 M272 (V6) & M273 (V8) Engines Models: Various Years: 2004-present Symptoms: Rough Idle Loss of low end power (torque) Check Engine Light. Cause: Intake Manifold Flap runner actuator lever is broken. Fix: Remove the intake manifold from the vehicle and replace the OEM plastic flap runner actuator lever with a high tensile strength aluminum lever. Parts Cost: Varies depending on which kit you need for the repair. $100-$200 Labor Cost: $325 Time: 5 hours Tele-Aid Malfunction Plus Navigation Not Working (Often comes up after heavy rain) $80 Fix Time: About 75 minutes Other common problems: Symptom: Vehicle turns off while stopped (red light stop sign etc). Won t start when at normal operating temperature. Will start again only after cooling down for a few hours. Fix: Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor. Parts cost: About $45 Labor: $40 Symptom: Xenon Low Beam not working even after replacing the bulb. Fix: Replace ballast or igniter. I will troubleshoot to definitively find the culprit before replacing any parts. Igniter Cost: $85 including installation. Ballast cost: $50 Ballast replacement labor: Passenger Side: $40 Usually easy access. 30 minutes or less. Driver Side: $150 - Access to the ballast on the driver side requires removing the front bumper - this must be done carefully. It takes about 2 hours to complete this replacement. Symptom: After flooring the pedal you lose control of the throttle. Vehicle won t respond to the pedal. Fix: Replace Pedal/throttle position sensor. The sensor is located above the accelerator pedal you must replace the pedal assembly. Cost: New accelerator pedal cost and install $160. - I may be able to find a used accelerator pedal in good working condition for less. Water leaking into Trunk $80-$125 Fix depending on your specific leak Valve Cover and Breather Cover Engine Oil Leaks $290 fix (4-5 hours) Engine oil pressure port leak $60 fix Oil Cooler/Oil Filter Housing Leak $100 fix Transmission pan ATF leak: If it s been more than 40000 miles since your last ATF change. I recommend changing your ATF. You ll get a new gasket and drain plug washer. That will solve your leak problem. See pricing above under routine maintenance. If you just had your ATF fluid changed and it s leaking around the top perimeter of the pan; you need a new gasket. Most likely it was fastened too tightly. Tightening the gasket too much results in a smashed gasket it will begin to leak soon after a fluid change. Could be a few hours or a few weeks depending on how bad the gasket was smashed. I can replace the gasket and tighten it to Mercedes-Benz torque specs. If the leak is from the drain plug you may need a new copper seal a new drain plug or a new pan.
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